Industrial Vision Control

  •    Artificial vision systems can be assigned to a very diverse number of applications. They help companies improve the quality of their products, eliminate production errors, reduce manufacturing costs and exceed consumer expectations at an affordable price. YEGLES Innovation Technologies offers comprehensive services in artificial vision systems for quality control, recognition, inspection, fault detection, positioning of parts, non-contact industrial methodology and robot guidance, among others.

    YEGLES Innovation Technologies uses vision systems based on intelligent cameras and processors, key technology to achieve a production with zero defects, allowing an improvement in the quality of its products and an increase in productivity.


        With the artificial vision systems of YEGLES Innovation Technologies, you can obtain numerous benefits:

        Eliminate manufacturing defects by inspecting 100% of the products.

        Improve the quality of both the process and the product.

        Efficient use of manufacturing lines, since it allows the production team to be able to locate and identify items automatically.

        Access the tracking and identification of numerous information, allowing the automation of the tracking of parts and products by reading barcodes 1D and 2D.

        Drastically reduce waste through the detection of errors in the process.


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